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Last update: 26th Aug 2020, 9:45 PM
Frequent Frontal Nudity Strong Sexual Themes Frequent Strong Language
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Zeggy is a horny alien with tentacles, with eyes only for the southern, embarrassed beauty Alkaline.

These are side stories and comics involving characters from my comic, Space School. Many are considered canon but some are non-canon and just for fun!
As such, these comics are for ADULTS ONLY and include lots of fun stuff like oral sex, tentacle sex, anal sex, kissing 'n smoochin', day-dreaming, VR sex, sex toys, cowboy boots, and general goofiness.


I'm DCS! I'm a full time comic artist who also enjoys making visual novels!

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Yeah! Won't be posted here for a WHILE, but it can be purchased. (Gotta pay my bills!)
OOOO! New comic!
BEACH-Y, the tropical themed 14 page, R18 comic starring Alkaline and Zeggy, is available to purchase for $5 on Itchio and Gumroad!

Eventually (like in a year or so) this comic will go public, but for now, you can buy it at the links below!

Buy on Itchio!
Buy on Gumroad!

The comic is also available in book form in A to Z, Volume 2!

As a reminder, the PDF is for ADULTS ONLY, meaning 18 years or older, and is uh, super duper awesome. So, I hope if you purchase it, you'll enjoy!
Author Note
Pffft Zeggy’s such a cute dork
Last panel got me in the feels