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Pokemon: Spacial Rend
Lucas, Dawn, and Barry travel around a weird Sinnoh.
Last update: 29th Apr 2020, 10:04 PM
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There's something strange going on in Sinnoh.
The sudden increase in activity from the enigmatic Team Galactic is one thing, but...
Where did all the Bidoof on Route 202 go!?
Wait. More importantly. What is Palkia doing in Twinleaf Town, of all places?


A Pokemon Platinum Nuzlocke comic, with the added twist of being randomized!


heyo, you can call me contra! i like to draw and write, so i love making comics, haha

you can find me at a bunch of other places here!

hope you have a lovely day!

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Quick little update for anyone passing by!

I still haven't forgotten this comic, no, and I don't plan on it! I'm trying to figure out the best way to keep working on this without hitting another massive burnout, while also being able to juggle it with school and other projects.

Thank you for reading, and for your support!
Author Note
Just checking in.Are you still burned out?This comic was wild from start to now,and I hope you don't leave this comic behind...
9/10 comic
It's all fine,just please...don't forget this comic!I would have loved to see what kind of adventure would happen!
Hey all, sorry about the recent drought in updates. Unfortunately, I've hit a bit of a burnout, on top of end-of-year assignments piling up and losing the notes I had for this run. Hopefully that last one is temporary--I'm working on recovering them now!

In any case, like the title of this page indicates, that does mean Spacial Rend will be going on hiatus. No planned return as of yet. (Shameless plug incoming, but if you like the sort of comics I make, one of my projects was actually to make one! If you're interested, said comic will be updated regularly here!)

Sorry again, and thank you for all the support so far!
Author Note