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Webcomic profile: Spazahedron
Order and chaos
Language: English
Genre: Comedy
Activity status: Active
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Last update: 27th Jan 2018, 8:03 AM
Number of comics: 6
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Webcomic description

Misadventures of an odd couple in Seattle.


Most recent comments left on Spazahedron

28th Feb 2018
"Don't call it a comeback"
It's been waaaaay too long since I worked on this.

The story of Alex and Josie is really pretty expansive in that it features several intertwined storylines, and I've never managed to map out the whole thing -- to fit all my random ideas and vignettes into a chronological structure. The next step, probably, is to find an entry point that doesn't require me to have all the details worked out in advance.

Drawn in Comic Draw on an iPad Pro. Typefaces: Lint McCree (Blambot), Berylium (Larabie Fonts).
Left on Motivation
28th May 2013
You can do it Alex! And you're insured!

This is my first uploaded comic made with Manga Studio 5. Liking it so far.
Left on Alex still can't parallel park
23rd Sep 2012
The monorail platform is on the third floor of the Westlake Center shopping mall, at the same level as the balcony overlooking the park.

Sadly, the third panel is missing a lot of detail, including some trees, buildings in the background, and a rather prominent fountain which I have walked past many times (and occasionally even under).

The caption was added at the last minute, because I failed to consider what would happen if the story were presented without the rest of the anthology to provide context. Durrrrrr.
Left on Crash Blossom: Monorail 3
22nd Sep 2012
Now that all that off-the-wall nonsense about escaping from the monorail has been dealt with, we can finally get to the point: are we humans "aware enough"?

Ultimately, this "Crash Blossom" story is a vehicle for two characters who are still under development. By debuting them in a fantasy, I got to see them in action and tinker with their backstories without having to figure out details from their own "reality" like where they work, how long they've been together, etc. As Alex points out, if things don't add up, we can just pretend none of it ever happened. ("Giant flowers from outer space? Preposterous!")
Left on Crash Blossom: Monorail 4
22nd Sep 2012
I really enjoyed Chris Ware's Jimmy Corrigan and decided to present the action here as a succession of disjointed snapshots. This sequence also assumes a familiarity with Twitter conventions, and subjects the reader to Alex's Twitter style, which can be completely indecipherable at times. (Fortunately, in this case he didn't have the time to make it shorter. =-)

I may have overdone it.

Janiene and I spent a couple of days cutting and pasting individual panels trying to make this work. At one point it looked like I would be pushing those little paper squares around endlessly on the floor of a psychiatric ward. Finally, I had to call it good enough and let it go. The idea of barraging readers with information, and leaving them to make sense of it, is both fun and sadistic. I plan to experiment with it further.

This was also the page where Jer convinced me to stop being a perfectionist about my artwork.

The object crashing through the window is a fire extinguisher. I was informed by Amy Riddle that the windows on the monorail are shatterproof. She recommends using a crowbar.

Tango Twitter icon by DarKobra. This icon is in the public domain.

The placeholder for Alex's Twitter avatar was the Kyon facepalm image which I use as my own avatar on various services.
Left on Crash Blossom: Monorail 2