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Spellbound and Senseless
Feline familiars struggle with a forgetful witch
Last update: 20th Oct 2010, 11:00 AM
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Sabine and Sparkles are two cats dealing with their owner forgetfulness. What has their owner, Wanda, forgotten? That she's a witch and still has all her powers!


sometimes quiet...but that's only to counter the commotion in my head...

Too many ideas are my norm. You'll never know what I'll come up with next!

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Sabine is so like Kleo, also black, and in total contempt of kitten Sasha, also so kitten cute. They're both
gone now but I love reading this comic to recall the joy of having them. I'm starting to cry now....
I thought it was funny :)
My youngest cat is annoying. Period. My husband has threatened to harm her a number of times. He never does.

This is why I think it happens.
Author Note
So true, I had an older cat and we then got a kitten. Same thing again and again.
TOOOO Hilarious!!

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