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Comic profile: Spiraltoons
Spiraling through life
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Comic language: English
Genre: Gag-a-day
Activity status: Active
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Last update: 5th Jun 2014, 8:53 PM
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Comic description

Spiraltoons comments on the facinating world view of Spiral Dynamics. Each of the characters represents beliefs and value systems and the cartoons illustrate how these interact.

It describes ways of being as categories that can be represented by colours. In brief:

Beige - Survival/Sense. The Instinctive

Automatic, autistic, reflexive
Centers around satisfaction
Driven by deep brain programs, instincts and genetics
Little awareness of self as a distinct being (undifferentiated)
lives "off the land" much as other animals
Minimal impact on or control over environment

Purple - Kin Spirits. The Clannish

Obey desires of the mystical spirit beings
Show allegiance to elders, custom, clan
Preserve sacred places, objects, rituals
Bond together to endure and find safety
Live in an enchanted, magical village
Seek harmony with nature's power

Red - PowerGods. The Egocentric

In a world of haves and have-nots, it's good to be a have
Avoid shame, defend reputation, be respected
Gratify impulses and sense immediately
Fight remorselessly and without guilt to break constraints
Don't worry about consequences that may not come

Blue - TruthForce. The Purposeful

Find meaning and purpose in living
Sacrifice self to the Way for deferred reward
Bring order and stability to all things
Control impulsivity and respond to guilt
Enforce principles of righteous living
Divine plan assigns people to their places

Orange - StriveDrive. The Strategic

Strive for autonomy and independence
Seek out "the good life" and material abundance
Progress through searching out the best solutions
Enhance living for many through science and technology
Play to win and enjoy competition
Learning through tried-and-true experience
"HumanBond. The Relativistic

Explore the inner beings of self and others
Promote a sense of community and unity
Share society's resources among all
Liberate humans from greed and dogma
Reach decisions through consensus
Refresh spirituality and bring harmony

Yellow - FlexFlow. The Systemic

Accept the inevitability of nature's flows and forms
Focus on functionality, competence, flexibility, and spontaneity
Find natural mix of conflicting "truths" and "uncertainties"
Discovering personal freedom without harm to others or excesses of self-interest
Experience fullness of living on an Earth of such diversity in multiple dimensions
Demand integrative and open systems

Turquoise - GlobalView. The Holistic

Blending and harmonizing a strong collective of individuals
Focus on the good of all living entities as integrated systems
Expanded use of human brain/mind tools and competencies
Self is part of larger, conscious, spiritual whole that also serves self
Global (and whole-spiral!) networking seen as routine
Acts for minimalist living so less actually is more"

Spiral Dynamics is a theory of human development introduced in the 1996 book Spiral Dynamics by Don Beck and Chris Cowan. The book was based on the 1970s theories of psychologist Clare W. Graves.

I intended this introduction to be much funnier.


A fan of Spiral Dynamics and how it helps you understand people better.

Most recent comments left on Spiraltoons

5th Jun 2014
Blue makes for a good ride if you can get one. They're not much fun but they'll keep on going until they're worn out. They do have unrealistic expectations, but generally they'll comply if you sound convincing enough. Fortunately there's plenty to choose from.
Left on Ride
Celeste (Guest)
29th Mar 2014
Good job julian!
Left on Mean green meme
5th Mar 2014
My Fave comics :) love your work! Keep 'em coming!
Left on Red bike
4th Mar 2014
Funny. I think the description of your comic sounds interesting.
Left on Interpretation