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We put our soul into our cases
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spin off to my webcomic "Deadline" Rick is a full time lawyer working for his devil of a boss; Luc and a on-call grim reaper. Married to a prosecutor; Skye. Rick takes the cases that aren't considered normal and fights for his clients, no matter how "unusual" they may be. He puts his heart and soul into his work.

due to it's content, if you are under the age of 15, please ask your parents permission before reading.


Katt McAdam
I am the creator of a webcomic called "Deadline" on another site since 2008. youtube creator for over two years. Also married to my best friend and been drawings and writing since middle school ^^

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Tomorrow's "SoL" 1st anniversary. I will get back to uploading soon
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Happy new year!
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Hope you have a wonderful holiday!
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SoL's 1st Halloween! Rick is ready for it ^^
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sorry everyone. Its been a bit rough lately and didnt have a moment to work on the comic, but will have one up in two weeks
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