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Last update: 28th Oct 2017, 7:16 PM
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Previously published on The Neopian Times, now's about the time to gather them all in one place for perusal! Spooky is a comic about four Neopets who live in the Haunted Woods: Komo, Echo, Claw, and Tombstones. Some jokes are very-much based on the Neopets.com site, but hopefully most work even if you don't play, or haven't in a while!


I'm an animator currently living in Atlanta, Georgia. I work on shows for FX, such as Archer and Chozen.

If you want to see some of my other art, you can find it at chaoskomori.deviantart.com

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What an adorable art style! I subscribed and I'll read this later!
Smooth move
I was about to comment asking if you've ever drawn for Neopian Times because I swore I'd seen this style before, then I read your comic profile.
I used to love reading your comics way back in the day! xD
Claw really buys into the "write who you know" mantra.

Unfortunately this year, only two of my Halloween series comics got published in the Times, so it kinda' ruins the whole ghost-story four-parter I'd wanted to have. I might have to just draw another comic for November for it.
Author Note
Unfortunately, the first week of October was a special 800th issue of the NT, so I didn't get a part 1 published in that one. Therefore, this year's going to be a 3-part Halloween special instead of 4.
Author Note