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Spooky the Littlest Reaper
A Halloween Story
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Spooky McGee is a reaper in training who can't seem to do anything right. With his weak powers, cute exterior, and fragile ego, he is the lowest reaper in the Underworld.

On Halloween, he must reap his first soul to prove his worth.

-Updates only in October-


I’m a college graduate obsessed with cartoons, especially anime. I also love cuteness mixed with goth. I enjoy drawing and writing stories, so these comics are my treasures.

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Thanks! This was a lot of fun to make! :D
Just binged and I love this!
The screaming of souls ripped from their bodies is sweeter than any candy.
Aww, he dropped his lollipop.... Granted, he probably doesn't care about the lollipop.
Oh yes indeed!