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Unashamedly tropey romantic tension for Taran/Eilonwy shippers
Last update: 26th Feb 2019, 10:19 PM
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Three years after The Book of Three. Lots of things have...evolved.

A short, fanfic-ish adaptation of a moment we are only told about in The Castle of Llyr. SPOILERS for Taran/Eilonwy, if anybody hadn't already guessed where that was going. GRATUITOUS romantic tension tropes, so curmudgeons be warned.

Cranked out quickly in a moment of weakness. Ask me if I'm sorry. (No.)

Also a fun experimentation with a different style. I might do this in full color one day. If I ever get all the way up to comicking Castle of Llyr in entirety, this will probably be the intro.

Will update daily until it's done. Won't take long so don't get too attached.


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Well, that leaves Eilonwy with reminding him of it. You know how she is: "If you keep on behaving so stupidly then I shall just sail away to Mona, etc." If she really longed for this place the way you depicted it in BoT (I will comment more on it at the appropriate place there), then she was always torn between settling and homesickness and the subject continued to hover above them. Who knows what she was thinking when lying awake after her disturbed dreams at night?
I think Taran was distantly aware but probably tried to ignore or forget it, and then as time went on allowed himself to believe that she wouldn’t leave at all. Dallben being Dallben, he probably didn’t bring it up at all, or it even slipped his own mind because he lives more in the world of magic than in the real one, and then suddenly it dropped like a bomb when he realized things were about to get out of hand.
Just stumbled over it and found it a most entertaining aside! It is great how much these characters look like their counterparts on BoT but several years older. It is not common in comics to see the protas aging or maturing. Very good job!

BTW, Taran has always known that she would leave some day. Dallben had made that clear in BoT already: He considered himself her therapist, not her foster-father, and how long she would be permitted to stay would mainly depend on the progress of her emotional recovery (I am not really sure that Old Man Dallben was aware of what would happen when hormones would run wild). From the above panels I'd say the point was reached! 😁
I've been doing this a while. :) They are second nature to me now. I love coming up with all the extra little bits and pieces we aren't told about.
This is truly amazing. You know there had to be many moments like this between The Black Cauldron and The Castle of Lyre.... You really have captured the spirit of these characters