Those Springfield Kids
where are they now?
Last update: 22nd Jul 2021, 3:22 PM
Occasional Strong Language
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A fancomic for this obscure little show called The Simpsons. This story explores the Springfield kids' lives as teenagers. Lisa, ever the idealist, wants to make Springfield a better place and live a better life, but is struggling to stay positive. Bart still craves the attention he gets from pulling pranks and getting himself in trouble, but life can't be all pranks and skateboarding. Updates Mondays and Thursdays.

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I’m surprised that Skinner still has hair.
This comic is so cute!! I loved reading it and your art is great. You did an amazing job at getting their personalities spot on
I think it's safe to say it's dead, sadly
Omg this comic is amazing!!!! I’ve been watching The Simpsons since they first appeared on the Tracy Ullman Show, I’m a life long fan. This comic you created is exactly what I imagined the next phase in the Simpsons should be. I hope you continue to make these comics. By the way I just watched the season 33 finale and it was so cool seeing your art style on the screen.
the art in this comic is too beautiful for me to do it justice but specifically i want to say how much i love how naturally the smaller and less detailed characters' expressions nail the classic simpsons style - it feels completely natural and that in itself is a testament to how great the art of the comic is that that just works. even though it's so distinct in its story and feel and how you draw it, it's still hitting all the right simpson-y vibes to feel natural, like the kind of progressing story you always dream about a serialized world having but you know they wouldn't do. i adore it and i'm so glad i've found it and that it got recognition with the couch gag, the love you have for the simpsons shines through in so many little ways and it's just really great.