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Those Springfield Kids
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Last update: 12th Mar 2020, 7:32 PM
Occasional Strong Language
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A fancomic for this obscure little show called The Simpsons. This story explores the Springfield kids' lives as teenagers. Lisa, ever the idealist, wants to make Springfield a better place and live a better life, but is struggling to stay positive. Bart still craves the attention he gets from pulling pranks and getting himself in trouble, but life can't be all pranks and skateboarding. Updates Mondays and Thursdays.

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bruh he plays limp bizkit killllll meeeee....
Damn! I finally found it! I read all when it showed up on 9gag and then forgot about it. Some time ago I remembered it and couldn't find cos' I was looking for simpsons in search history not springfield :D
Beautiful comic can't wait for the continuation.....

Thanks 9Gag for leading me to this page
Such a nice comic.. and so well written and portrayed.just great!