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A BL comic about an emo kid and a cowboy
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Content flags: Frequent Frontal Nudity Strong Sexual Themes Frequent Strong Language
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Ever wonder what would happen if an emo kid got stuck on a cattle ranch with a hot cowboy?
Gay things would happen, that's what!

Rated 18+ for language, nudity and boyxboy goodness


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orange (Guest)
ah okay, that makes sense now that i think about it. I was honestly tired when i wrote the previous comments so a lot of previous info was left out, haha. thank you for reminding me though
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Azarat (Guest)
Well, Kyle said he doesn't really have somewhere to go. After that fight he has no friends, his mother doesn't care about him... I think he can move to the ranch if he wants to.
Left on page 237
Fjorno (Guest)
Is he really grabbing soap as lube? That's gonna sting!
Left on page 237
Fronkeh (Guest)
Left on page 237
Kit (Guest)
OMG same! My question is who!
Left on page 237