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Spying with Lana
The misadventures of a sexy super spy
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Graphic Violence / Gore Frequent Frontal Nudity Strong Sexual Themes
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Lana is a spy with a brilliant mind, great athletic ability…and very little luck. Working for a top-secret agency (so secret that nobody even knows its name!), Lana risks her life and sanity in defense of truth, justice, and the trivial, pointless stuff that the agency is always getting mixed up in.


I'm a professional artist who has been writing and drawing Spying with Lana since 2008.

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Distractions are her specialty! :D
I'll bet Lana's picked to keep birthday boys/girls busy while Josh set's up the surprise party! She's super at distracting people! ;P
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Spying with Lana is a sexy spy spoof that has been running since 2008! You can check out Lana's other cases on SpyingwithLana.com!
Author Note
Considering how hard it's been to get the case to Josh in the first place, Lana may not see it that way!
A little bit, but it does put them right back to square one.