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Stacy The Cat
A slice-of-life comic by Austin Billingsley
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Sexual Situations
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A slice-of-life web comic following a friendly cat named Stacy and a loyal wolf named Alex as they deal with the random craziness of life, whether it involves Stacy's older sister Susan and her fennec boyfriend Rowe, their friends/colleagues, or with each other.

Format: Graphic Novel
Genre: Slice-Of-Life with comedy sprinkled in
Art Style: Furry/Anthro
Subtle Sexual Content involved

Updates are every 5-7 days


I'm a digital/sketch artist going on 10 years now. Links to my other sites:

godzilla98rules' Digital Paintings & More
Fur Affinity

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Fun Fact: S.H. MonsterArts figures are articulated with a massive amount of ball joints. Because of the way the figures are sculpted, joints popping off is a very common thing. It’s all about being delicate when moving the figure…
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Wish MY neighbor would walk around outside in just a shirt and underwear. She's pretty hot too!
After a short break, Stacy is now back! This chapter will be longer than the last one and will be covering Alex and Stacy’s early steps into parenthood and the return of old characters.

I’ll be uploading the first page next Sunday…
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