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World of Kahvar is waiting for you!
Last update: 8th Dec 2013, 7:51 PM
Graphic Violence / Gore
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Enerai is a young girl, who leads a quiet life in giant tree with her best friend Serir. This happens until the time she meets a mysterious stranger. Together they'll experience a lot of great adventures, but also will have to face a terrible danger.
Will they manage to strenghten the ties of their bond? Will the "good ones" be really trustworthy? And how the past will put the shadows on the present?
Check it out, but be careful. The world of Kahvar hides more secrets, that you could expect...


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ten koń ma zajebistą minę na 3cim panelu :D rozwalił mnie
Dramatic indeed!
But he really cares.

[You should take his advice.
Hope you feel better soon!]
Someone is being a bit dramatic here, isn't he?

Anyway, sorry for lack of updates ;___; I'm busy with my university so much. I managed to finish this page only because I'm sick and I had to stay at home at the weekend. I'll try to make myself more organized ;___;

Thank you for your support and for being with me all the time <3 I do appreciate it a lot!
Author Note
Ah, yaaay! Welcome back!

No worries about the bumpy schedule. We'll still be here when you get things settled! <3

I love Serir in the third panel. You do a great job portraying facial expressions from horses~! :O
Good page! I went back and read it all up till now. I look forward to your updates, whenever you can make them. Subbed!

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