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Last update: 27th Nov 2015, 6:31 AM
Graphic Violence / Gore
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From the tear-stained bayous of Souragne to the glittering, decadent ballrooms of Port-a-Lucine, follow our cloistered Heroine and her friends and loved ones as they make their way through the Land of the Mists, trying to do some good, stay alive, and uncover some secrets no one wants revealed along the way.

[Dark Fantasy/Horror with Comedic and Action elements, set in D&D’s Ravenloft Campaign Setting]


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“I agree...”
This is a good bare bones build but it's caught my eye...I'll be reading in deapth...
I was glad to see a Ravenloft comic, but sad to see the last update was 2 years ago. A shame, it looked pretty and like it was going somewhere. Better than the AWFUL official comic that they put out, too! On-par with the novels, really. I'll save this site, and hope that it returns someday.
“I love it!”
i had had so many adventures in Ravenlofth and to reed this comic brings me back to them, thanks
“Love this so much”
I really hope you come back to this. The artwork is fantastic and there are so many loose ends I'd love to see played out.
Page 71 and 72 are the same.