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Last update: 30th Apr 2021, 7:14 PM
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MIKA ZENITHSON, an ambitious and talented young chef, is on the verge of losing her chance to work in the Queen’s Kitchen. She takes a position that requires her to use her magical cuisine to heal a sick girl afflicted with a strange blue rash. But when Riyoon, a determined alchemist, seeks to uncover the truth behind Mika’s secret recipes, the headstrong Mika is forced to confront her faults before her dreams – and friendships – go up in smoke.

STARFALLEN© is about embracing self and what it means to be there for someone going through hard times. Through trials and mistakes, these friends learn the value of trust, kindness, and confidence. By doing so, they can all make each other’s worlds a bit happier, a bit richer, and a bit sweeter.

STARFALLEN© deals with severe depression and has an allegory for suicide. However, no depictions or direct conversations about suicide take place.


I'm a Professional Digital Comics Artist and Writer. Writing is her passion and I love nothing more than bringing my characters to life.

I've appeared in several anthologies, including Tee Franklin’s Bingo Love, the VIZ MEDIA 's seek and find anthology BRAVEST WARRIORS: The Search for Catbug, was the colorist for Is'nana the Were spider and has been in multiple Kickstarter anthologies.

She is currently working on her first graphic novel Starfallen.

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