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Where rejects become stars!
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Sexual Situations Frequent Strong Language
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Hey guys, welcome to Star Fodder! This is a comic about a misfit crew making their way in a universe that's going to turds! If it's silly, dumb, with a dash of WTF?, Then it's all Star Fodder and right up your alley! Only don't ask me how it got in there. So, ENJOY! (PS- If you are looking for high intellectual content, please see above description. Thank you)

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Cool, more story! I usually don't care much for this style of art but this is attractive, thanks for putting it out to be seen.
The Bach-Mann
He's a Spaceman! He knows what he's talking about!
Focus, before the ship slams into a moon! lol
Noted and corrected. I've been slacking a bit too much in my proof-reading. Thank you.
The Bach-Mann
“The Mission:”
"Space, the backdrop of dreams, these are the voyages of the star ship Phyxius. It's mission, to survive being left for dead and forge a new life in hopes of one day making it home. Ever forward and adventure bound!"
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