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Webcomic profile: Starforce Pentacle
Starforce Pentacle
Ad Astra Per Aspera
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Content flags: Strong Language
Language: English
Genre: Science-fiction
Activity status: Active
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Last update: 3 days ago, 3:49 AM
Number of comics: 77
Number of subscribers: 7
Visitors: 11564 visitors (29387 pages viewed)
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12th Jun 2019
"A Word From the Management..."
As a new chapter begins, I thought I might jump in to reach out to some of my (new?) readers with a status update and some station identification stuff.

Hi! I'm Adam! I hope you guys are enjoying my webcomic! I'm putting a lot of work, and a lot of myself, into it, and I think it's been paying off somewhat. I seem to have some loyal readers, and I want you to know I really appreciate it!

My goal at the beginning of the year was to put out a five-page chapter of Starforce Pentacle every month. I basically took April off and thus fell behind, but I'm working hard and I'm hoping to be caught up by the end of the case you were wondering why the updates have gotten so frequent. I'm also going to go back and finish the colouring once I've got the basic pages out the door, so sorry so many of them are in a half-finished state at the moment.

I want to let you know I have a Patreon, and if you like my work I'd really love it if you could help me keep it up by sponsoring me, even for a measly dollar a month. There's some nice bonus content there including free comics and early access to my podcast,What Mad Universe?!?, in which me and my friend Phil delve into the literary origins of SF and fantasy tropes throughout pop culture. I'm pretty proud of that too, so give a listen, and like I say, you can hear it early if you jump on board my Patreon.

I also have a bunch of digital comics available at Comixology, including my fantasy comedy Lemuria and the lifeguards-vs-the-paraormal epic Nightbeach, all available at my main website, If you like my stuff, there's more of it!

Finally, you can check out my Twitter feed for updates--that's where I do most of my social media stuff. Please feel free to reach out to me there or in the comments here, of course. Again, I really appreciate you guys as readers and I want to hear from you!
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25th May 2019
Space Geckos know to keep their mouths shut.
Left on The Old In And Out 2
22nd May 2019
You say you’re not under surveillance, but what about Space Gecko up there, huh? WELL??
Left on The Old In And Out 2
11th Feb 2019
"Some notes"
OK! Here's where I get to dive into some real SF world-building, a thing which I love to do and for which I have done a lot for this comic, but it hadn't been a huge factor in the story so far. Actually, I've been coming up with alien designs and ideas since I was a kid, and I'm basically using a bunch of them in Starforce Pentacle.

The Lebili are a race I came up with, geez, gotta be almost 20 years ago. I went through a period of coming up with aliens, like I say, without really having a firm idea what story I wanted to tell with them. These guys always stuck with me, though. The idea--which likely won't come up in the comic itself--is that their home planet is one of two in a close Trojan orbit around each other, which exert a strong gravitational pull on each other. So rather than normal tides they have an ocean that migrates around the planet. Most of the surface is underwater part of the time, so the lifeforms are largely amphibious, or else they have some other mechanism to survive, like hibernation.

We'll learn more about the culture in the coming strips but suffice to say it's a matriarchy. The females are the ones with the tall crests. Child-rearing is traditionally the domain of the males (who have pouches for egg-hatching, similar to seahorses) though they consider themselves enlightened and attempt to treat all genders equally. Whether they always succeed or not...

If you're wondering why the hologram looks different from the real Lebili in the second panel, that's a common feature of communications tech in galactic meta-civilizations where many different sentient species co-exist. Lebili facial expressions are of course radically different than humans (or any other species) so an AI built especially for communication uses algorithms to generate a more "expressive" model--in other words, basically, a cartoon.

By the way, Earth falls within the region of space claimed by the Lebili Consortium; they're one of the great powers of the Milky Way. For all their flaws, I guess we should be grateful they have a "hands off" policy when it comes to primitive races like us...
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31st Jan 2019
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