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Endellion Shaik awakens on a frozen planet, confused and bewildered. Rescue is close at hand but it only marks the beginnings of her problems. She now finds herself flung almost 200 years into the future with no answers as to why. But as her strange adventures continue, she is plagued by dreams and her own personal demons as she struggles to adjust. Her entire world has been flipped on its head, but just as she begins to settle down, she realises she is not what she believes herself to be. Mass Effect based comic.


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You have no idea how happy i am about finding a mass effect comic. I love the series and it'll be amazing to read this comic for sure!

I love the main character already, she seems super interesting! ...so this is a modern girl in future kind of deal, but its not like mass effect was a game where she came from and then popped in, right? xD
It is, yes.
is this a Mass Effect comic?