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journey through the starsea
A dangerous journey begins!
Last update: 5 days ago, 7:54 PM
Graphic Violence / Gore
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A man with a mysterious desease is trying to find a cure by traveling through a bizarre Universe full of dangerous threats.


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I like details of the last two panels :)
Man, this wanderer can't catch a break! Makes me glad I don't need meds like this guy.
And thank you for your compliment! It took me several years studying my favorite works to get to my current level of draftsmanship and how to guide the eyes of my readers to where I need them to go on each page. Honestly, I love drawing so much, there always feels like there isn't ever enough time to draw everything I feel I need to to feel satisfied as an artist!

Your English has been quite understandable, so no worries there :-)

OH! And I appreciate your subscription to my SweetGum comic!
That`s the boldest and biggest compliment someone could make or get,thank you!
My comic has some japanese,some french and european in general and some american influences.

Edit: I also wanna say that it feels very good to look at your comic pages. The shapes are so on point,with the grid foils being used very efficiently and carefully thought out (and drawn) lines that are very pleasant for the eyes; the line weighting is guiding the viewer very well.
It really shows how much you love drawing (I would be surprised if you wrote that you actually hated drawing).

Hope my english is understandable,cause I am not certain that it actually is.
Somehow the attention to detail and the character design remind me of the french artist Moebius' work :-)