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Steampunkgorgon was a webcomic published on smackjeeves aroun 2010/11. Originally black & white and handlettered, the old scans will get new lettering and color. We are hoping for volunteers who like to colorize the corrected original pages. Ariane Eldar, companion of Medusa Tanis Bava, has her own later comics, Theater Of The Bloody Tongue, and Ariane's Private Place.
The steampunkgorgon comic describes a kind of 1930ies/40ies steampunkworld with magic that is slowly recovering from a worldwar.


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She would look great on a beach.
Sun? Sand? Pfft! She's a medusa, she'll be fine!
Ariane might feel some loyalty with her, too.
Because we're both history buffs. I'm glad to see that we're on the same page Especially since.she was pretty handy to have around. At least until the very end. And also she was a lot cooler than king Tut .
Medusa wouldn't try to bing back any dead, but ariane would probably choose Cleopatra.