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Steamroller Man
A webcomic about a superhero with a huge head!
Last update: 2 days ago, 5:00 PM
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Steamroller Man is a tongue-in-cheek, all-ages superhero comic in the vein of Batman '66, The Tick and The Venture Bros!


Matt Schofield works in animation on feature films and TV shows like Prince of Egypt, The Iron Giant and The Simpsons. A lifelong comic book fan, Steamroller Man is his first webcomic!

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Well... You actually just guessed what his name is going to change to later in the story! I guess I shouldn't have waited so long for that reveal!
Thanks - I don't know about starting religions but I'm glad you like the jokes!
Haha, yes Ant-Man would pose some problems for Sugar Daddy!
that's one tough cookie...though I would join in on the word play.
This is really funny! You may have just started three major religions!