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Steamroller Man
A webcomic about a superhero with a huge head!
Last update: Two weeks ago, 4:00 PM
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Steamroller Man is a tongue-in-cheek, all-ages superhero comic in the vein of Batman '66, The Tick and The Venture Bros!


Matt Schofield works in animation on feature films and TV shows like Prince of Egypt, The Iron Giant and The Simpsons. A lifelong comic book fan, Steamroller Man is his first webcomic!

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Oh thanks, I'm glad to hear that!
Actually, your comments on the pages amount to an excellent tutorial. I really appreciate them!
Well, it is a worm's-eye-view perspective. To achieve that feeling I'm deliberately enlarging the legs, since what's closer to the "camera" looks bigger...
Peter Wulfdane
Hmmm.....jes' as I thought. :)

One tiny point of criticism, though: maybe its just the perspective, but something about Paige looks a little mangled in the last panel, like her legs are overly heavy or somethin'. I do tend to be a bit picky about such things, so it might just be me and my overly-critical eye, but yeah.
Thanks! Yeah, I have that book too - I think I end up buying almost any book on the subject of making comics!