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Time heals all wounds, or so they say. But scars run deep. When the past seems to offer nothing but hurt, how can you move forward?

Step by Step by Step is a story of recovery, dealing with the past, looking to tomorrow, and living on despite it all. Join Alma and Cynder as they journey across Johto trying to rescue a beloved friend. But when as they get caught up in tragedies from long before their time, can the heal what time hasn't?


Just a tired uni student making comics. Black. Ace. More coffee than water in me at this point.

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Sorry for the sudden hiatus. Back to your regularly scheduled Rat vs Cow battle.
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There it is! The infamous rollout attack!
Time to Put Up Or Shut Up!
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Just a totally normal Thursday upload~~! Why would today's page be any different? Oh, the new look? Just experimenting a bit, honest~!
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Whoop whoop! Here's the reap Page 86 update! Thank you to @pokemonmasterwheeler for doing an April Fools page swap with me yesterday!

I tried to set up the bottom part of this page to feel similar to an in-game battle but idk if that shows well since it's reversed.
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