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Time heals all wounds, or so they say. But scars run deep. When the past seems to offer nothing but hurt, how can you move forward?

Step by Step by Step is a story of recovery, dealing with the past, looking to tomorrow, and living on despite it all. Join Alma and Cynder as they journey across Johto trying to rescue a beloved friend. But when as they get caught up in tragedies from long before their time, can the heal what time hasn't?


Just a tired uni student making comics. Black. Ace. More coffee than water in me at this point.

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She's been through so much.

Guys, I really love Alma and her mother. ;;v;; They just love each other so heckin' much... I really hope you all at least like them so far too.
Author Note
The verdict is in and it's..... a hug!? Well, better than being grounded for an eternity and a half I suppose.

Also I'm sorry Cyndi is making the Pikachu Gasping meme face
Author Note
Sometimes you just need to take a second and breathe.
Author Note
Is this a bad time to remind everyone that I don't have any sort of "Starter Dies = Game Over" clause? No? Well here it is anyway~ >:3c
Author Note
Cyndi jumping to comfort her is so sweet, it's a really nice sequence!