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Last update: 22nd May 2021, 6:00 PM
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It's easy to be mentally distraught in the harrowing world of Viridia, a world of government oppression, new places, and scary beasts. However, when 10-year-old traveler Else encounters one for the first time, awestruck by what she's been avoiding, she makes it her goal to traverse all of Viridia alongside her friends, and record everything that's unseen to get rid of the stigma that the world is terrible.


ok so I have 60 seconds to type out my situation. i'm locked in a basement and it's full of gators and when my captor comes back he'll kill me

i'm cammie but you can call me katsu, or preferably you can call THE COPS PLEASE. i'm an animation student, netflix binger, and a very slow typ--

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UPDATE: The hiatus was NOT brief but it is over, and two pages will be going up this upcoming Saturday, followed by a page per week as usual. Thanks for being patient and sorry for the wait!

- Kat
Author Note
Important author's note: The comic may go on a brief, unexpected hiatus, due to moving houses. While not 100% certain, if there is no upload come next Saturday, please understand. Sorry in advance.

To make up for this, there will be multiple pages releasing on the comic's return. Thanks for reading! The comic is approaching episode 1's end, so stick around!

Author Note
Well yeah. I don't think it's realistic to go into a meteor site and be like "LET'S GO THERE!" and people being okay with it, but I like to think about it like an 80s movie. Where the more I think about it, the less enjoyable it seems to be. It's a good story so far so it seems like a bit of a roadblock if Bea just said no. We'll see though.
Ayy look at that! You did the backpack thing! I didn't get to say see much of the progress on the comic but I think you did a good job with this panel! Good job Kat!
Yup, "trust me" doesn't reeeally work like that. Or, the answer is "of course not, you're acting dumb", but people don't like to say/hear that.