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Webcomic profile: Comic Battle R
Comic Battle R
The Elements Strike Back...
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Content flags: Violent Content
Language: English
Genre: Comedy
Activity status: On hiatus
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Last update: 1st Dec 2010, 8:08 AM
Number of comics: 5
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Webcomic description

This is the Redone Version of Comic Battle Q, Simply called Comic Battle R (R standing for any number of things. Redone, Rewritten, Reenvisioned, etc.), also known as "Stormy Fighters".

It is Comic Battle Q, upgraded to have better art, more hilarious dialog, featuring an actual storyline, better everything. It is a newer project, but it is still distinctly in the same simple stick figure style.

Enjoy if you can!

(Planned to update when The Descended is steadily running or has run to completion. Thus, currently dead.)


I've gone by many names online and have been a veteran in communities for over nine years, now, but here I am to stay.

Originally, I came here because I used Flikr, with the same name before a slight change. It's where I normally had my webcomics. It was adequate for my needs at the time, but it has certain restrictions. Having 4 (at the time) webcomics, I thought it best to try and expand to other sites.

I do my webcomics purely for my own enjoyment, so I don't care about how low the quality is (mostly). I don't mind if people don't like it. But, hey, if others can learn to enjoy it, that'd certainly make me one happy writer. :)

Also, yes. I am THE Ranger. Living legend. Effectively a grandmother of CF.

(Current project: Red Hood Rider.)

Most recent comments left on Comic Battle R

1st Dec 2010
This is a guest Comic from MatthewJA of Good Sir, I Cannot Draw. This being a stick figure comic, I'm a member, and as mentioned, a moderator. :)
(Yes, I'm putting this Guest Comic up on both Q and R. The two are separate webcomics, but they are related, so I decided to have the Guest Comic for both. ;) )
Thanks, Matt! :)
Left on Guest Comic From MatthewJA!
24th Nov 2010
I got a comment! From MatthewJA, of all people, yay! :D
Yeah, I kinda would feel bad calling myself a member of the stick figure alliance if I wasn't updating my stick figure comics. :P
Left on Comic Battle Day 4 R
24th Nov 2010
Bwahaha, forced update!
Left on Comic Battle Day 4 R
24th Nov 2010
It...gets better...eventually? :P
If you're wondering, the shield reflects attacks back stronger than they originally were. So, yes, Lighting User could take one of his own bolts. However, when it has its signature slightly altered by the shield, and amplified in power, its beyond what he can handle. (Slight WordOfYouKnow, here. :P)
Sorry that this has taken me so long to get around to. I've been busy with other projects, but having been in the Stick Figure Alliance made me miss, here. This was one of my first comics, so I'll keep on working on it.
(Remember, the difference between R and Q: R has a planned storyline I just haven't gotten the chance to write. Q is meant to stay random.)
You might notice a difference in quality; I'm using a PNG instead of a JPEG. Probably not necessary, considering stick figure comics don't tend to get distorted by JPEGs, but it's a precaution.

Anyway, I think the order of the dialog's pretty clear in this one. The art has improved, slightly, and the speech bubbles are being made more consistently. The dialog's slowly getting more elaborate and yet, well-done, and the comic's not crowded!
...only problem is its size. >_<
700 tall, not a problem. 1300 wide? Problem. :P
On my desktop, I calculated 1000 without margins, 800 with margins. On my laptop, it's larger, though I don't know by how much. However, even on the laptop, there's a little bit of scrolling required for this comic. :/
Sorry 'bout that. Ah, well. It's not a huge issue.
Left on Comic Battle Day 4 R
7th Dec 2009
Comic Battle Day3 R--Trouble (last T nick for a while, swear. I couldn't think of any other T words for Day4 R. :P)

Now, this comic essentially shows how the Stormy Fighters (by the way, you'll never see that name IN the comic, if I have my way. I just like it in notes. :) ), despite years of experience, are still incompetent and fairly inexperienced in the world of fighting others actually capable of standing against them.
The villain apparently is equally bad, considering his line in the last panel, his terrible 'evil laugh' and his stereotypical villain pose--couldn't he have thought of something more original? No, not really. :P
'Course, that's only my intention. Word of God (TVTropes term. I will now on call it just "Word-of-Y'know who" 'cause people might take the term the wrong way, anywhere from thinking I'm extremely arrogant enough to think I would be one [well, I suppose in the sense that I'm creating the world of--NOT HELPING, BRIAN!!! SHUT UP ALREADY! :P], all the way to thinking I'm being offensive via that kind of language. Which is bad for my never-curses-EVER-type image. [You know, like Doctor Tam in Firefly?]) can be different from the result on the page, if you know what I mean.

By Lorithia (AE fan, remember?), wasn't the whole point of the rewrite to get RID of massively confusing dialog? Well, that worked well. :roll:
Well, I explain the dialog below. I still can't believe how badly that was done... *facepalm*
And to IS better than before...*shudder*
(Actually, the third panel in the original was rather clear, simply because of how little it had. The middle panels still have equally little dialog, just drawn in a different way--neither original nor rewrite is NOT confusing, because they're confusing in DIFFERENT ways. The first one, maybe better. YMMV [TVTropes Addict, remember?].)

Sadly, yes, I do have a lot to say on this one. Hey, at least it'll never top Day One! :P
This Is the Redone version of Day Three, original found here:

I tried to get the dialog right, but it's still a bit confusing. You should read the comic before taking a look at this dialog. Once finished, check over it and see if you got it right; if not, read it again with the correct dialog in mind to fully appreciate the intention of the comments.

The Dialog panel one is

"Oh Hey" to "Let's Fight!"

"Oh, I noticed.
I'm just not that fond of Leeroying."--Referencing Leeroy Jenkins-style tactics: charging in mindlessly with no thought to strategy, other than 'hit them with everything we've got!'.

"No problem" to "though".

"Now We're talking!"


*the below are simultaneous*
"Wind!" "Lightning!"

That--- *is cut off by what happens next*--he was going to say "That can't be good", the equivalent of "Hmm...I wonder what that meant?" in the original.

In Pannel Two, Shield Guy (he has a name, but it's a love-it-or-hate-it name, and I think hate's more fitting) says his line.
They both say Uh-(leading up to an "Oh" finish; "Uh-Oh...", basically. I'm sure they'd have more to say, but that'd come first.), but are cut off and both react differently after cut off.
The text looks poor because 1: I'm trying to keep as much of the original as possible,
2: It adds a little bit of realism, in my opinion. Their voices aren't going to remain the same when electrocuted and blasted by wind.
This shows that.
Wind is doing an elongated "AHG!".
I'm not sure how to describe the electrocuted sound. "aeueaeueaeue" and "ooohg..." are the only ways I can think of it, so no help there, sorry. It's just one of those sound effects you can never describe...

The last panel's the worse. I easily could've made the dialog boxes extend wider and further upward, in order to make the order more clear. Instead, I went for neater dialog boxes, at the cost of dialog clarity. Sorry. (For that matter, the same could be said for the first panel as well. By Lore, I suck!!!)

The third has the Villain practicing his evil laugh, then the Lightning-user complains about the pain, then the Wind-user makes his comment, followed by the "Hey!" from the villain.
Then, the Lightning User ushers a very weak "I told you so", referencing not going into battle blindly, for the Wind user to wrap up with his line.
(I considered making it "Told you not to Leeroy", but decided 1: too long, and 2: Not as suiting.)

Also, text isn't the only problem.

To be clear, the animation in the second panel might be a bit confusing.
The wind is reflecting off the shield and bouncing back, hitting the caster.
The lightning is striking from the sky, and reflected back towards the caster.

Both get blasted by their own attacks.
The lightning never touches the person being blasted by the wind,
Nor does the wind touch the one being blasted by the lightning.

(They have actual names [I had to name 'em eventually], but they're to be avoided [soooo terrible...] at all costs. Anyone wanting to hear them can simply ask; they'll receive, but I can say that ~80% of people will definitely hate 'em.)

(There ARE some limitations to using MSPaint with only my meager skill set. Things will never be completely clear, as paint is a hard tool to visualize with. But that doesn't mean I can't strive to better myself; these mistakes prove how I can still better the work, even after the R versions.)

You'll note the black lines on one half, and the solid yellow on the other in the lightning. That's because I think it's the compromise I'm going for:

Black on one half, yellow on the other. However, given the nature of the yellow, when appropriate, it can be lessened by black.

As I promised in Day2 R, elaboration on the storm rolling in.
The original Day3 already had a storm, right there, already existing.
(The black outlines and dark gray cloud colors should be a hint to a storm existing. :P)

So, I could've used that. But, I decided I'd use something which becomes a plot point later on:
They need storms to use their powers. Without them, they're powerless.
...But, they don't need, say, a hurricane. Just a small bundle of clouds, no matter how light, is enough.
They amplify these to the point where they can use the storm's power as a weapon, ie, lightning, rain, tornadoes, etc.

(The Wind User needs wind. While not necessarily requiring a storm, having a storm amplifies his wind power. In theory, with no wind, he would be powerless. With wind, but no storm, he can only direct wind to a limited extent, making it mostly useless.)

Panel one was meant to show a storm rolling in. It then gets amplified many fold, into the hurricane of Panel 2.
Also, I was lazy. I didn't want to bother with drawing the details needed on the cloud, along with dealing with my signature and date up there. So, I didn't. :P

Panel 3 lacks one because I was too lazy to show the storm dissipating, and the original didn't have it, so I figured, why bother? ;)
Left on Comic Battle Day3 R