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Webcomic profile: Storysmith
A perfect story needs a powerful villain...
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Content flags: Violent Content
Language: English
Genre: Science-fiction
Activity status: Active
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Last update: 17th Aug 2018, 2:00 PM
Number of comics: 101
Number of subscribers: 11
Visitors: 6378 visitors (22148 pages viewed)
Rating: 5 (40 votes)

Webcomic description

Kaya is a writer who finds herself playing out her own story as she writes it. She is dedicated to making her story the best it can be, so naturally it falls to her to take on one of the most important roles there is within the story...

Updates Mondays and Fridays

Art and story by Doodlefox
Color by OddballGentleman <--Currently on break.

Most recent comments left on Storysmith

Storysmith of Arca
17th Aug 2018
The king looks a lot angrier than he should - I don't really know why, since he's important enough to have descriptive words hovering by his arm...maybe it's just the stress of being king.
Or maybe its because he knows that that isn't the right way to play a gong.
Who knows?
Left on 2-24
Storysmith of Arca
13th Aug 2018
This page will be updated with colour, but due to time restrictions and being really slow, I haven't finished colouring it yet - so I thought I'd rather keep up-to-date and just reupload the coloured one when I finish it tonight.
Left on 2-23
10th Aug 2018
-.. .- .. ... ..- -.- .. -.. . ... ..-!!!
Left on 2-22
Storysmith of Arca
10th Aug 2018
Yay, buffer page 2!

I mentioned that I tried this page in a different style; can you tell? ^_^ Personally, I like this better - there's more detail and texturing in the lineart than I usually put in when I expect them to be coloured - it makes a lot more work for my colourist when I put in more detail like this. What do you guys think? I might just start doing all of them this way, at least until my colourist returns...

p.s. the style is inspired (though nowhere near as good) by Hayao Miyazaki's Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind - I highly recommend reading the manga!
Left on 2-22
Storysmith of Arca
6th Aug 2018
Yay! First buffer page! Look at that: progress!

...except I almost set it to upload on the wrong day...
I may be a year and a half into making this comic, but I'm still new to it...
Left on 2-21