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North-country girl Tessa might have expected a few challenges when she left her rural home for the city. She certainly wasn't looking for a tangled series of mishaps that forced her to live with a paranoid but beautiful man and an impulsive nutcase who truly believed she could control magic. To make matters worse, she was beginning to suspect it wasn't all just a joke. She was stumbling into a reality that wasn't normal, wasn't even possible. And like it or not, she was about to become the center of it.


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Happy Easter everybody!
Author Note
Hope they both find some home :)
i'm waiting for more pages :D it's so cute!
I have exciting news! Starting this week, Smackjeeves user Crowku is joining the Strange Company team as our Colorist. You'll see some changes in the coloring style and content, for the better. This also gives me more time to pay attention to strengthening and polishing my line art.

Please also take a look at Crowku's recent work on his own comic, "Awoken Spirit": http://awokenspirit.smackjeeves.com/ Crowku is also developing a new comic that will be going into production soon. I'll keep you posted on its progress.

What do you think of the new color style? Leave your feedback in the comments!
Author Note
That dude! This should be fun.