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wolves doing people things
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wolves doing people things. not a lot else to say.

this is an ongoing series, with no real continuity or plotline. all characters are fictional and not based off of anyone -- except for me (as i am portrayed in the comic), of course.

updates sometimes, whenever i make a new one.

some of these pages are kind of old lol i've been making them since 2021. as such, the designs of some of the characters change, particularly of my self-insert.


multimedia artist, irl wolf

my name is rhapsody lol veniensaurora is just a username

i can draw good but i'd rather draw bad

real ones know my toyhouse is where u find my gud art

i suck at html and css but im trying my best :(
jk i could do better im just lazy and busy

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my brain be like
forgot to mention but i'm actually autistic lol i got dxed when i was 16. so don't @ me abt calling this an autism moment it's definitely one of my autism moments
Author Note
i used to call myself everla, before i changed it to rhapsody. still love this page even though it's old.
made this in 2021 before the autism creature was a thing and it's funny in hindsight
Author Note