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The Sunder Hunt
Descend into the curse.
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What happens when the soul of a dragon is tainted with the blood of the wolf? The last Dragonborn makes an ominous deal with a Daedric Prince to save her Shield-Brother Farkas, but the pact twists her powers into something monstrous. Now she and her least favorite Companion, Vilkas, will have to journey together and put their differences aside to set things right. If they can even set things right. They'll soon discover that saving their very souls could doom all of Tamriel.

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The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim is the intellectual property of Bethesda Softworks. This fan comic is non-commercial, a piece of fan fiction celebrating the love I have for the game.


I love comics! I absolutely love visual storytelling and any medium that explores it. I'm a big prog metal fan and I love going for walks in nature.

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loving this fight~!
Not to mention that the Graybeards unlock like 7 words of power free of charge during the main quest.
Plus there are shortcuts for various words within the game. You get a freebie for returning to Ustengrav, and killing Miraak gives you a ton of dragon souls to use.
You don't need to absorb dragon souls to learn the words, you can learn it like one learns any other language. Plus the dragonborn just spontaneously learns some words just by being near a word wall.

What you need the dragon souls for is to turn those words from normal regular speech into Words of Power that have magical effects. Like there's a difference between knowing how to ask for cheese in a foreign language, and just spontaneously making cheese exist in front of you just by shouting "fromage!"... And even then, it's only needed as a shortcut; you can learn shouts without using dragon souls but it takes a long time and a lot of meditation, like what the Greybeards are doing.
*Cue epic battle music*