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Comic profile: Sunny Side
Sunny Side
The Life of a Teen is Hard
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Content flags: Violent ContentSexual ContentStrong Language
Comic language: English
Genre: Drama
Activity status: Active
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Last update: 3 days ago, 12:58 AM
Number of comics: 26
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Rating: 5 (2 votes)

Comic description

A webcomic about "Sunny", an aloof teen, and the other kids of his school.


You can find me on DeviantART ---> Happytiger139

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3 days ago
First Marcus declares himself your friend, Cecil being nice, a group of athletes doesn't hate you for being gay, then one of them flirts with you and defends you against his brother???? Sunny's first day of school is catching him off guard a little.

Anyways, I finally posted this page! I know it was supposed to be posted last night (11/13/17) at the latest, but something came up ;-; Don't worry, though. I'll always try to post pages as soon as I can. Other than that, I'm going to be working on the profiles of Josh and Jamie (finally), moving that "no update" page to unchaptered, and will be finishing up on some pages for this webcomic and my fantasy webcomic.

Btw, if my grammar or spelling or anything along those lines is ever weird within the dialogue or when I'm writing comments, it's because I'm always listening to music when I'm on my laptop. I'll reread some of these things that I write and wonder what the heck happened.

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5 days ago
Seriously though, I'll try and finish it tonight, but at the latest it'll be out tomorrow night.

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13 days ago
Sunny and Marcus, ready to fight someone

I've probably said this before, but Mason and Damon don't really get along. It's mostly Damon's fault, he's just a jerk.

I'm a little excited because my other webcomic is currently on break, but will be coming back either this Saturday or next Saturday for chapter 2. I'm mostly just happy drawing the outfits for all the characters that'll be in this chapter, and Idk. I just really love the fantasy genre and all the clothes and stuff.

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30th Oct 2017
And of course, this jerk reappears. This is where Sunny realizes why exactly none of Marcus' friends care that he's gay; Mason's bisexual. Damon kinda hates that about his older brother, so they don't really get along.

Comment and subscribe, and if you didn't know, this comic has a tumblr page. It can be found here. I'm about to post the Halloween picture on there, so check it out!
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16th Oct 2017
Woah, the day's almost up and I'm only just posting this week's page, geez. I even got up early just to finish it before noon, but I didn't realize my dad wanted me to eat breakfast with him, then right after that I had to go to a concert and watch Elizabeth Pitcairn perform (which was really good, you should look her up).

Anyways, the guys are getting to know Sunny better. Something they don't know (or maybe they do) is that he doesn't play soccer for the school, but instead for a private league. Some of his bullies got together and made sure he didn't play on the same team as them. Jokes on them, 'cause this league is way better.

On another note, although Sunny doesn't actively participate in martial arts tournaments or anything of the sort, he's still a very skilled fighter. If it hadn't been for his dad and uncle, he probably would've gotten his ass kicked a long time ago.

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