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Comic profile: Sunny Side
Sunny Side
The Life of a Teen is Hard
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Content flags: Violent ContentSexual ContentStrong Language
Comic language: English
Genre: Drama
Activity status: Active
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Last update: 4 days ago, 1:00 PM
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Comic description

A webcomic about "Sunny", an aloof teen, and the other kids of his school.


You can find me on DeviantART ---> Happytiger139

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4 days ago
When you gotta pretend like you weren't staring
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10 days ago
What happened to Sunny that the teachers know about??? Nothing he's comfortable with sharing

Now this teacher, Scott, taught Sunny's math class last year as well, and they've gotten pretty close. They often only refer to each other by their last names, unless something serious is being discussed.

Small announcement as well, I'm going to be lightening up Sunny's accent a little because even to me it can sometimes be difficult to just read. Could you imagine? When I first created him, he was going to speak in Scots and slang and stuff, which is just extremely heavy and full of words that aren't heard outside of certain parts of Scotland. This picture of Sunny and his cousin, Kally, is an example of it: Link

Anyways, I hope things are easier for everyone! If you ever have concerns you'd like me to address, PM me and I'll be sure to help in any way I can. Other than that, have a great day, comment and subscribe :D
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31st Dec 2017
Kally and Mia are both very bad influences, but Sunny loves hanging out with them anyway

Anyways, sorry this page is so late today! I was about five minutes away from finishing it last night and queuing it, but my eyes were so blurry from reading beforehand that I had a hard time looking at my screen and just decided to call it a night. I set my alarm so I could just finish it this morning, but the second I woke up I continued reading and now my eyes are blurry again, but I forced myself to finish this page anyways ;o; Learn from my mistakes.

Hopefully you'll enjoy this short introduction of three more characters, though you won't see them for a long while

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24th Dec 2017
I played Pokemon Go very briefly when it first came out, so any inaccuracy is because it's been a while

Reminder that Sunny's half Chinese and half Scottish but was raised in the latter country. I've actually drawn Kally before, and I'm pretty sure the picture is up on tumblr. Kally's 18 I think, and despite being a horrible influence on anyone, Sunny still looks up to him. His band is small still, yet Sunny listens to all their songs.

Anyways, I wanted to get a double page out today since I'm on break, but I ended up busier than I expected all week long. I was going out everyday and ended up watching the Last Jedi as well as going out for breakfast at 2 in the morning XD (And that happened just last night) It was all fun. Hopefully, however, I will get to post a second page by tomorrow (No promises though)

Comment and Subscribe! Happy Holidays!
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22nd Dec 2017
Although he's half Chinese, Sunny's accent is actually Scottish. His dad was a Scottish man and he was born and raised in that country. Sunny's family moved to the United States when he was around 11 years old.

Within the comic, you might hear him use Scottish slang and such, and his accent comes out most when he's angry.
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