Sunstrike and Bluemist: An Origin Story
In an apathetic world—how far are you willing to go to survive?
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Kairo Takeishi, a world-weary Secret Police agent, is taken off the field to train two young super-mutants with powerful abilities as recruits. The only problem is that Kairo is secretly a double-agent whose other boss is a shady weapons designer...and he seems to have his eye on Kairo’s new trainees for his own purposes. Meanwhile, the trainees, Kat and Evan, are determined to become heroes, and what lies ahead of them will test their loyalty and trust of each other. Sunstrike and Bluemist is a Superhero/Drama webcomic rated T.


Hey there! I’m Sharon :)

I have some former experience working in freelance illustration, but now I’m working to be able to focus more on my passion project, Sunstrike and Bluemist! The Origin Story arc is about Kairo as he is forced to face some things he’s been avoiding while he trains Kat and Evan, who will one day be known to the world as Sunstrike and Bluemist.

I am an artist but even more than that, I am a storyteller—and I will jump at any chance to discuss storytelling with my readers or anyone!
I have a very simple YouTube channel called ShaRose Comics! where I share whatever’s on my heart about storytelling.

If you’ve read this far—thank you, you are awesome. Let’s keep creating wonderful stories!

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Matt Comics
I think he really earned the Bluemist name at this point... now he deserves some happiness.
Agreed :)
Every person should get someone who appreciates them like how Kat appreciates Evan :P
She sure does! I think some people kind of like her exist, they’ve been through hell and back though to get to where they are at now. That kind of strength doesn’t come cheap!