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Last update: 3rd May 2019, 2:32 PM
Graphic Violence / Gore
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Trapped in a contested valley between the two largest empires on the planet, the Nasriaten Cultural Exchange Academy is one of the few “olive branches” keeping a sixty-year-old cold war from exploding into an apocalypse of battle-magic and railgun fire. Within the sanctuary of its walls (and its top-secret military training program), 16-year-old Kheil Nazuret’s biggest concern is winning back the affections of her father, the school’s icy Headmaster. But when a ghost from her father’s past threatens to kick down the Academy’s door and expose its true purpose, it’s up to Kheil to somehow rally a city of half-trained child soldiers into a fighting force capable of shattering an invasion.

Supercell is an online graphic novel by Ben M. Brice (hi friends!) with editing and layouts by Ariana Brice.


Author/Artist of the Supercell online graphic novel.

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I'm not sure if I announced it on this site yet, but now that I've hit 400 pages and the end of this current scene, I'm actually gonna take a break (not a hiatus, this is planned dw) for a number of reasons. I should be back in three weeks unless the plan changes, which it might given the right circumstances. In the mean time, you can follow me on the available social medias and stuff where you'll still get access to content I'll be producing while the comic is paused ^^
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Loksan being all weird-like
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Ere ya go friends!
Author Note
Nah, not immediately. Al claimed they had papers, so Loksan has to confirm that before reporting one way or the other.
Reaper Dragon
But when? Isn’t it needed now?