Passion! Violence! Sweetcorn!
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Graphic Violence / Gore
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Mark E. Moo Comics...the world leader in anthropomorphic fruit based VIOLENCE brings you an epic tale of PASSION, WAR and PRO WRESTLING GRAPEFUIT! THE LEAGUE OF INVINCIBLE SUPERFOODS! Learn the benefits of healthy eating whilst witnessing CAULIFLOWERS machine gunned to DEATH! GASP at the forbidden passion betwixt Pineapple and Garlic clove! See Potatoes SWEAR! Never has watching small grape people dismembered been so much FUN!

"My artistic goal is to genuinely move people to tears at the death of a carrot" - Mark E Moo


Most recent comments left on LEAGUE OF INVINCIBLE SUPERFOODS

Mark E. Moo
Thanks... But this comic was one I produced in 1955.Kirby stole from me.
Nice homage to FF#1!
Vicious E
I love this concept and writing.
Mark E. Moo
Karpoozi is Greek for Watermelon. But in the world of the Superfoods it is also the sound of explosions!
Author Note
okay, this is just silly.

but it would look better in color. ;-P