Super Minion Bros.
A Comic by Nashew
Last update: 28th Feb 2020, 6:00 PM
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A Goomba, Bob-omb, and Boo team up to perform various missions for residents of the Mushroom Kingdom in need of help! Set in the Paper Mario universe.

(basic knowledge of the Paper Mario universe is ideal for getting the full experience, but I try to write so that those without said knowledge shouldn't have too much trouble keeping up)


Hi there! I'm Nashew and I'm a Smack Jeeves Refugee.

I'm just a guy in my 20s trying to make art and comics that make people happy!

My main active comic project, Super Minion Bros., is here on this site, my older (mostly sprite) comics are something I'm working on uploading elsewhere (as to not crowd the site with my old work), and my art can be found on DeviantArt, right here!

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Me: Ima subscribe
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Even if he could carry them for longer, he's probably too lazy
Boos can only do so much.

So, a couple things you may have noticed:
I redesigned the characters slightly. Just minor revisions to make them look a bit more like canon Paper Mario designs, nothing huge.

The other thing you may have noticed is the new buttons between the navigation and the comments section. I feel I should explain both of those.
The first one, Radiant Guild, is a site that was made by a friend as a way to bring together a bunch of peoples' webcomics into one place after Smack Jeeves bit the dust. Check it out, there's a lot of really good (mostly Pokemon) comics there.

The other button is of course Patreon. You're probably all familiar with Patreon but let me assure you that the fact that it exists will not change anything for what you see here. If you'd like to see pages a couple days earlier than when they go live here, you can get that perk for as little as a dollar a month. If you don't care, that's fine too (the $3 and $5 tiers have stuff in them too~). If anything, the fact that people are actually supporting me for this will mean pages should become more frequent because of the way I think. If you decide to support, thank you so much, but if you don't, that's okay too~

See y'all next time~
Author Note
The benefits of not having feet!