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An adorable, silly, vore comic
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Sexual Situations
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Some laughs and gaffs and maybe a little drama in this silly little world where animals still occasionally eat each other!
Little bite-size gags and full buffets of stories headed your way starring a colorful cast (including an unintentional self-insert but aaaa)


Joshua Sturm
Joshua Sturm
I enjoy drawing and playing more video games than I should have access to.
My talents in writing include only creating major plot developments. My weakness is creating everything else in between.

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Joshua Sturm
Sometimes things preds say aren't as humorous to prey as they are to themselves, haha.
But I guess what I wanted to come across with this one is that Muffin's probably tried getting together with buns before, and they didn't work out, 'cause he ate them or he scared them off when he almost did. Josiah's definitely speaking from experience, ferrets and rabbits are similar sizes, and are much harder to spit back up than hork down. 'specially when his body really doesn't wanna let its favorite meal go.
But oh snap, things might be getting serious soon~ what could she mean?
Author Note
Joshua Sturm
Sam's kinda a shy guy, he usually does more listening than talking when meeting new people, but find something he's passionate about you might not get him to shut up.
...unfortunately he jumped the gun on this particular topic, haha!
Sam's herbivore teeth are extra special. I think they really sell how much of a goofy nerd he is with every smile
Author Note
Joshua Sturm
Jill starts to get to know Muffin's friends a bit better, though seems some are unfamiliar with him as well! Let me know how this format works, I'm trying to find a way to get these story pages out faster, and dividing them into sections that both work by themselves and combined when the big, long page is finished was the best way I could figure to do it!

I freaking
How big I drew Gary's tail. I wanna sift my paws through it. A smol could probably hide in that thing, jeez!
Author Note
Joshua Sturm
This comic was an idea I had that I commissioned Mr Ease to draw, and I really love it. He's a great guy, I've commissioned him a few times~

There's an species-swap alternate universe where a Mini Muffin and a ferrety Ash actually got together romantically -- Everyone says it's because the ability to obscure Muffin's entire view with her whole self easily combats his obliviousness. Ash can get him to pay attention, dang it!
Size difference relationships like this are my absolute favorite, vore or not. They're always so sweet.
Author Note
Joshua Sturm
Just a nerd being a nerd with his boyfriends lovely wolf tum
This is legit something I'd do, I hecking love tummies, outside the vore fandom even. They're like butts too, they come in various shapes and sizes! Just to snuggle up to one and listen to it's fun noises, oof~

This comic. Singlehandedly. Got me 700 followers on Twitter. I was confused and scared. People related to it so much and thought it was funny so they decided to stick around. At least I'm so much closer to the possibility of drawing full time!
You can actually get Sweet & Savory content a month early on my Patreon, if you're into that~
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