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You Can't Cheat Death
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Payton Flynn, The Silver Tongue was a notorious confidence artist. Word has it he finally bit off more than he could chew in Ironridge five years back. Rookie con artist, Melony Renning, had just discovered he survived, when she was framed for murder. Now Payton must use his wits to save her from certain death. Is this grifter’s skills up to the task? And just how did he survive? Find out this and more in Swindle!


The Pymann
The Pymann
I'm a Graphic Designer with a Bachelor's of Science in Graphic Design. I'm also a Certified Pharmacy Technician, cuz that's how I made money for and during college.

But here, I'm the writer and colorist for Swindle. A comic I've been planning for since I started college in 2014, it stars con artists.

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The Pymann
5 days ago
The Pymann
It's time to really start investigating.
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The Pymann
11 days ago
The Pymann
The inspector has arrived.
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The Pymann
31st Jan 2020
The Pymann
Condoriano? Really now?
Left on Page 12
The Pymann
24th Jan 2020
The Pymann
Oh crap, caught before even getting to start saving her.
Left on Page 11
The Pymann
17th Jan 2020
The Pymann
And we're back! I hope you all had fun Holidays!
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