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Last update: 28th Sep 2018, 3:07 AM
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In medieval Ireland, Princess Kathryn O'Brian defies her lovingly overbearing father King Brian Boru by training to be a swordswoman when she grows up. She wants to save him from his enemies once he's too old to fight them, and he wants to keep her safe at all costs. But he doesn't know that the greatest danger facing her comes not from his legions of enemies... but from her discovery of a secret doorway to Avalon within his castle walls.


Caley Tibbittz Collopy
Caley Tibbittz Collopy
Compare me to the mass of the universe, and I mathematically cease to exist. But I write and draw comics anyway. Screw you, giant universe. (The poster formerly known as Pigtails McBonergiraffe.)

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Which is kinds ODD, since you have to really dig around the internet to find out this used to be Eternal Knights. And that's also gone from everywhere it once was. You'd think that even if the 375 page book didn't work out or she had it published, this site would have links, the prologue and maybe the 134 page of Eternal Knights that used to be up elsewhere.
It seems rather obvious but is this an abandoned project?
where is your comic? I can not access any of the pages.
“Annoyed Person”
Jesus Christ! Whatever you're going to do, DO IT, and get it the FUCK overwith!!!!
Love the layout!
Good for you on the novel!