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The Scientist and the Assistant
Last update: 28th May 2020, 11:35 PM
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Welcome to the webcomic, Syrup! Syrup is a rom-com fantasy story of Maple Sabella who is hired as an assistant to Victor Florence, a widely-renown scientist. However, after an unconventional introduction, the two struggle to see eye-to-eye.


Coffee addict. Sucker for video game music. Sometimes I draw. Professional monster catcher


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Kinda craving some hot chocolate right now...
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Meet Rhubarb, barista at your local Cyan Cafe.
Author Note
Thanks, that means so much to me!

I'm glad you like Maple's character. I can't wait to develop her personality even more :)
It's still really early into the comic's life, so its definitely no big deal.

Also I love your art style, and how CUTE maple is! Looking forward to reading more :D
Apologies about the duplicate upload, but as you can see I've inserted a few extra pages to add context to the story and fix the pacing of the comic.

I'm going to try to avoid doing this in the future, but as this is my first comic I hope you understand.

Anyway, please enjoy the comic!
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