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This is not a webcomic. Which isn't to say it might not contain some.
The Third Colony is a view into the game world of the same name. It's a collection of art, short stories, game designer's notes, and general oddness.
Unlike my other projects, the 'art' for T3C is computer rendered with 3D models, though not necessarily pure. I does likes my post production.


I guess i should have added this quite some time ago: -3- is not an emoticon, it is the numeral 3 surrounded by hyphens. This is how i sign my work (though with a little tail on the 3). The hyphens are silent, it's pronounced Three. I use them both to bracket the 3 in my signature, and because they can be combined with with the stylized 3 to form my birth initials.
Okay - back to the standard little bio bit...

-3- is an eclectic creator - during the past  three  four decades working with various digital & traditional print media, 2D & 3D animation, video editing and the written word. These days he is a retired cave-dwelling hermit living in the Pacific NorthWest with the other members of the Bootus Galooticus family.
(Some of the things i worked on:


Damn. Need a spoiler tag here, eh?

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Sorry. The Extra!s often do more teasing than informing at times. But they do help shape the world and give us more context when we're digging in deep. (Or i could blame jmluvsbob for diverting all my time over into the Blind Date comic exchange)

During the show, Andi sits behind, or often on, the desk. She doesn't necessarily Stay there, but that's where she starts and finishes each episode.

Really seems more like Kris's thing than Andromedea's. But not going to argue with the mix.

Some very fine guesses, and one of them was in "the three". The reason she was confident when she said "You'll never guess" is because it hadn't been decided between the three yet, so no guess could be correct. (Gotta watch out - some of these folks think like Ifriti)
Tease referred to -3- all these hints to things without much else.

Yes Andi should be comfortable but who sits behind the Desk.

Well it's snowing here so Fireplace & Bear Skin Rug would be appreciated.

Well if J.D.'s wrong how about Kris, Dinari, ChiChi Maracas, ArtBoy, Genn,Madame Rose, Miko, Weirdam or Satan Charlie. She could even go off the rails with Jack.
What? Just because she's naked? (If you think this was tease, wait 'til you see the header for the next image on Hahnee's QTalk Time)

It's her show. She should be quite comfortable, no?

I've got snow outside the window, but she's got a controlled climate. (And varying citiscapes from the 'past' displayed in her "window")

No, Andromedea is still the Hostess, but the conversations are more relaxed and one-on-one, and tend to get personal at times.

No, but that's really a Good suggestion. J.D.'s the kind of very important but not highly visible person that would really ping her meter.
Well you're in full Tease Mode.

Andi you look very comfortable reclining there.

With the Weather around me Andi might also consider a Fireplace & Bear Skin Rug.

Would the More Intimate Hostess be Hahnee QT?

Would Andi's next guest be James Deanes?
I've made some mention elsewhere, but not here, that presentations we see like the currently ongoing RoboSapiens Roundtable are also a part of the game world. With a bit of minor reformatting, they become Vid Crystals that the Player can view within the game. This holds true of things like Tor Keld's tech presentations, Doc ODD!'s Info Breaks, Izanami Investigates episodes, and other In-Character segments. When we see something like Eileen talking with awareness of being in the game, those are strictly for you Readers.

As we've seen before, such Vids may come with commercials included, either on the Crystals or displayed in the Public Video Centres. So it's not surprising that Andromedea would include a promo for another of her shows during the current episode of Colony Close-Up.

Andi's Talk Time used to be called Andi's Old Tyme Talk Show, but that didn't last long. Before the first season was done, she shortened and simplified the name but kept the basic concept intact - aside from a spiffy logo upgrade. On the right wall we can just catch the edge of a Gallery Of Guests, currently featuring pics of ZoniClone Blue, Alyce, Polly, Genni, Xera, Hunny Bunny, TK-8 & Michiko, and Madame Ilsa.

(So you can probably cross all of those names off the list for guessing who Andi's getting on the couch next.)
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