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This is not a webcomic. Which isn't to say it might not contain some.
The Third Colony is a view into the game world of the same name. It's a collection of art, short stories, game designer's notes, and general oddness.
Unlike my other projects, the 'art' for T3C is computer rendered with 3D models, though not necessarily pure. I does likes my post production.


-3- is an eclectic creator - during the past three decades working with various digital & traditional print media, 2D & 3D animation, video editing and the written word.
(see The Artist page on experiMental Theatre for more bio)

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Well, not sure about that. You've both trained me to have pretty high expectations. (No pressure)

I'm used to you two stirring the pot and bringing unmentioned things up to the surface. But you both were poking around Truths that i haven't wanted to reveal or discuss as yet. So there's a fair bit of tongue biting going on over here.
Despite what MoHombre believes, he's simply not capable of making the MoHawks what they are.
Indeed. There is someone or something behind them. With what's going on within the group, I'd say, someone or something wants them like this. Hmmm...
Sounds like we exceeded your expectations.
Both you and Rock be saying things i don't really want to respond to at this stage.

So we'll just say that the MoHawks have no clue about NegaKelly's existence.
That's safe.