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Last update: 27th Oct 2021, 7:00 AM
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Once upon a time, two programmers and two artists decided to make a game. After 3+ years of work on a game that didn't *quite* meet expectations, one of the artists decided to exploit her team's silliness in comic form.

Thus, Tam Team Adventures was born.

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An artist that loves chocolate, paper, giraffes, and drawing comics!

(generally in that order)

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It's amazing how things we see as kids influence us over the years!
...never...been... *broken eekee*

XD It's because it was overwhelmingly awesome when I was 12. If it hadn't been, I guess I might not have been influenced quite so much.
Hmm... probably, yes. With winds which come over ocean from every direction, and mountains pushing the air up where it's cooler, Hawaii probably gets a lot of rain. (I could just look it up, but that's no fun.)
After Britain's recent heatwave, I'm inclined to agree with you! XD
Aww I'm glad. It's fun! ^.^