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Welcome to Tangentville, a place where mundane people and the strangest assortment of oddities cross paths on a daily basis. Hijinks ensue. You're just as likely to bump into a extraterrestrial or an ancient deity as you are the slacker from down the street. And did we mention it's in New Jersey? Tangentville isn't so much a place as it is a state of mind. Come for a visit... (Rating typically fluctuates between PG and PG-13 but sometimes a few R-rated instances crop up)


Artist, musician (kinda), gamer, collector of too many things to list here, parrot-owner, and SmackJeeves refugee. Been known as Kid Cthulhu both online and offline since about 1996. That about covers it.

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Good one!
I thought I was shipped by a figment once, but I only imagined it.
I live not far from a Sho Chiku Bai dealer and am able to indulge in their nigori at a market close enough to home[0] where I can get it as well, and the hamachi and the wasabi stalk and the wheat free soba snd the wheat-free reduced-sodium old-fashioned tamari, and ... and three blocks up the street is a locally-owned Japanese restaurant in the same family for three decades, ....

(it's tough living in a food desert)

[0] Japan Trade Center, San Francisco
To get more people to read Sylvia Plath or to get tasty Japanese food?