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Tangled River is the story of Tanya, an artistic teen, and the first human child born on Earth’s first space colony beyond our solar system. Unfortunately, a mysterious event in the recent past has made all technology useless, so she has grown up in a primitive environment of traumatized colonists, who are struggling to make do. She tries to make the best of it, taking care of her sick mother, doing chores, going to school, the only bright spot is her friendship with Licorice, her rebellious and out-of-control best friend. All this changes when she witnesses a mysterious glowing object shooting across the sky, which is perhaps the orbiting mother ship falling out of orbit. Tanya is determined to go on the expedition that sets out to find the ship, in the hope of finding an explanation for the disastrous event years before. Updates on Wednesday.


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“Have Spacesuit, Will Travel”
Funny, a while ago I actually used Tangled River as a positive example in a blog post about adventure stories, games and interconnected world-building, precisely because it didn't skimp on the old-timey travelogue side of things. I fail to see why some teenage brats' spat should usurp the sense of wonder at traversing wild and untamed landscapes.

Though I will concede it's in-character for how you've written Tanya so far.
Don't want this story to end :(
“life, a return”
In real life, a return trip is almost always a bit anticlimactic and seems to go faster--I guess this is no different.
Herman Melville could have used some sensitivity to his readers' limitations.

That said, I would not be averse to more adventures. But I hope you have more and better things in your future.
Or, it's what ever they are pumping into Clarissa, to make her 'better' ('more compliant' more like it)