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Comic profile: Tangled River
Tangled River
updated every Wednesday
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Comic language: English
Genre: Science-fiction
Activity status: Active
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Last update: 3 days ago, 5:00 AM
Number of comics: 191
Number of subscribers: 76
Visitors: 256255 visitors (1150210 pages viewed)
Rating: 4.99 (242 votes)

Comic description

Tangled River is the story of Tanya, an artistic teen, and the first human child born on Earth’s first space colony beyond our solar system. Unfortunately, a mysterious event in the recent past has made all technology useless, so she has grown up in a primitive environment of traumatized colonists, who are struggling to make do. She tries to make the best of it, taking care of her sick mother, doing chores, going to school, the only bright spot is her friendship with Licorice, her rebellious and out-of-control best friend. All this changes when she witnesses a mysterious glowing object shooting across the sky, which is perhaps the orbiting mother ship falling out of orbit. Tanya is determined to go on the expedition that sets out to find the ship, in the hope of finding an explanation for the disastrous event years before. Updates on Wednesday.


Most recent comments left on Tangled River

David (Guest)
2 days ago
I agree with Mom. It is definitely like a miracle, considering that the Terra Nova probably wasn't designed to actually land on a planet's surface in the first place.
Left on Tangled River Page 190
gnarly (Guest)
3 days ago
You could think of it as just beginning at this point, with all of the preceding pages to pose the unanswered questions.
Left on Tangled River Page 190
Number 12 (Guest)
3 days ago
Welp there goes my theory! It's the actual Terra Nova. Still so many questions. Love this story.
Left on Tangled River Page 190
GNARLY (Guest)
8 days ago
SpaceX can already bring down their rockets to soft-landings. There might be a clever AI using the available thrust to best advantage at the last few seconds. (But you're right: it could also be people that did it.)
Left on Tangled River Page 189
Bad Taiming (Guest)
9 days ago
It looks remarkably intact for a un-powered ballistic reentry.Something would have had to fly the ship down or it would be spread across the landscape.
Left on Tangled River Page 189