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Turn Back the Sun
A Space Comic. About Mutiny.
Last update: 31st Oct 2020, 3:25 AM
Occasional Strong Language
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It was cruel fate to be born in space, but Elijah Kalgan has vowed he will not die there. He and Chief Engineer MacPhearson have a plan to turn the rickety and misguided Southern Sun around and bring it back to Earth. Unfortunately, that means staging a mutiny.

Updates Sundays! (Saturday night when I'm too excited to wait)


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The Doodler
I love the twist on the movie here.
Somebody's gonna get tied up and thrown in a broom closet >.>
It has to be said, if you are going for a showdown between leaving awkward truths hanging around vs smooth deception for the greater good, engineers are not the crowd to go with. Awkwardly speaking the truth and missing the greater picture is practically where engineers live.
"How long have you let that Thingy in Sector 3-E stay broken? I ordered you to fix that MONTHS ago! The Ship simply can't operate with a broken Thingy!"
He's got a point there.