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Team Hunt for Hire!
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Graphic Violence / Gore Frequent Strong Language
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"Team Hunt" is an original comic by FangFace108. The series follows the ongoing adventures of the Hunt Twins: Dusk and Dawn Hunt, as they go about their daily lives hunting down monsters and the paranormal, while also trying to teach their little magic-wielding sister ,Dee Hunt, how to be a hunter herself.


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Wow this is heartwarming
"Let's see how good you are at JENGA."
You know, I don't think this guy is actually a feral werewolf.

He's just an asshole werewolf.
Well, here's the beginning of my comic. Please excuse the low quality of the art for this first issue. I've actually been working on this comic for a really long time (I'm currently working the fourth issue actually!). I have been steadily improving my drawing and composition skills.I promise the art gets better later on. I've actually been uploading the comic to tumblr but I decided to bring it here instead. I've actually been wanting to take this comic somewhere else for a long time now, but didn't just out of laziness. But regardless, I'm here now and I will be uploading the the entire comic in the coming days, as well as all future entries. Thank for reading and I hope you enjoy!
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