Pokémon: Team Buckshot
No rest in the wasteland.
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All it took was one bad job to have all hell break loose for this group of bounty hunters.

But when Team Buckshot's leader, Kaxo the Lopunny, impulsively takes a high-paying job without doing his homework on who the target is and brings along his two fellow bounty hunter teammates, Shank the Cinccino and Sabot the Bellossom, it becomes a rapid-fire trip to hell they weren't expecting. They quickly find out the hard way what happens when you strike at TARMA, the Tactical Arms, Research, and Manufacturing Authority that's the main supplier for the corrupt government responsible for making the world the warzone that it is, all while TARMA profits from the carnage. And in this gritty, dirty, industrial, and nearly post-apocalyptic Pokémon world of Baladax, you consider yourself lucky if you survive the week.

For Kaxo, Shank, and Sabot, once you've crossed the line and you've stepped into an everlasting suicide mission trying to survive, there's no telling where or how the story ends. But then just when they think it's over, they find out they're not the only ones on the run with the crosshairs on them...


I enjoy graphic design, story writing, and all that other fun fluff. :3

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Ah, you'll see, as Miles said, this gets interesting!
Yeah, those two definitely should have reconsidered their life choices. xD

But on the other hand, it was supposed to be an easy gig!
Ooh, you'll find out soon enough! Stay tuned!
Something very valuable or complete duds because I have a theory for the latter. It is likely both jobs were traps for both mercenary groups to eliminate any contracting group that would cause problems later on.
Also wondering what they were transporting. And rip sneasel and monferno.