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A day in the life of a bunch of high-school students who perform in a broken down theater that is most definitely not haunted... Is it?

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a monkey
You should update again. :)
Robina Goodfellow
TI Fun Fact: The building depicted in the final panel is Ackerman Hall, one of the buildings on my campus. It used to be an elementary school, so I figured it would be a good building to depict as the school.

So, new chapter.

BTW, our prayers go out for the east-coast dwellers. Stay safe!
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Silver Fox
Wow. Good point of logic. They'll do the packing for him.

“dude v23”
is that a John that I see falling through the window?
Robina Goodfellow
FINALLY! This arc is finally over! Now I can advance the plot!

Wait, we do have a plot, right...?
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