How To Raise Your Teenage Dragon
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Last update: 14th Jul 2015, 7:00 AM
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Meet one Zeke Fahrenheit, film critic extraordinaire, and also father to a dragon. He's (sometimes) better at one of those jobs than the other. Follow along with him as he tries to raise his green, four-armed daughter Snapdragon, woo the exotic cat-girl Princess Acinonyx, avoid his evil ex-girlfriend Dr. Abby Mars, and just try to survive a world where pop culture is not to be embraced but feared.


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It's been a good comic, but sad to see it's not gotten any farther.
How did I guess this.
I don't...

Additionally: the problems with monarchy, exhibit A: THESE ARE TERRIBLE PEOPLE TO CHOOSE FOR MAKING THESE DECISIONS
Well, I guess it's time to subdivide the baby Solomon-style.

Additionally, "our lands we side by side in peace"? I'm not sure what that's trying to say...
Man, I wish.

The, um, the waking up beautiful part, not the princess part. Because seriously, people run screaming in the opposite direction from me in the mornings.
I have been in an eternal quest to discover the secret behind how people pronounce things like that DON'T TELL ME WHAT TO DO