Big Spike and Mighty Moe VS The Golden Wasteland
A Fancomic Sky Zine
Last update: 23rd Jan 2021, 11:21 PM
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Two mutant boys vs the harsh apocalyptic realm known as the Golden Wasteland.
A Sky fanzine. Noncanon.


Wishes she had more time to make comics...

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I haven't played sky yet but this might convince me just so I can keep up with any lore lol
Our two heroes meet and they become friends.

HEARTS GAINED: Alright first scene is up! I formatted the pages into the popular way to read webcomics now in an easy to scroll down format. I hope this will help pace the story.

POISON RESISTED: I have mostly watercolored for my 15+ years of webcomic creation. I said I would never computer color and well here I am doing it. I am keeping it simple flats to not ruin my wrist.
Why expressive masks? Because I find it silly and fun to draw. Drawing expressions are my strong suit so think of like The Mask movies..or don't think too much into it at all.

THANK YOU: To My friends in Sky Marcie, Fuzzy, Zom Bee and many others for encouraging me to work on this project.

This story is a fanzine/doujin of a game called Sky. Many things have been changed and that's okay.
Author Note
Welcome to the first title page of the SKY comic/doujinshi/fanzine.

This is a noncannon parody of SKY: Children of Light. It's a really beautiful game. I was a fan of That Game Company's first game Journey way back when. I can't believe the SKY game went on a year before I found out it existed. It's very artsy in that the story is very open to interpretation. Fans have really come up with some fascinating theories about the game.

The reason I ended up coming up with this story was... Chinese and Vietnamese SKY Tiktok fanvideos. They kept putting these two characters together and I thought: POWER COUPLE! So like most fanzine/doujins it's about... the SHIPPING. I was compelled to write and draw the origin story of the dynamic caped crusaders mohawk tail guy and big spikey haired guy. Due to not being able to write romance, 50+ pages in... this story so far it seems to be about best friendships, silliness, dangerous food, and um sports. It's very shonen. Heads up: it's PG. It might go PG-13, but that's it. If you really want it, you can make the adult romance comic.

Say this first: I purposely made changes to names, items, character designs, what not... because it's a parody and unofficial(it's actually a good idea to do that. Quote the Simpsons Bart: "Don't you mean the Shining?" Groundskeeper Willie: "NO. It's the Shin-Ing. Want to get sued?!") Don't get tied up that this is supposed to be a certain way. If you really don't like it, make your own comic fanfiction and do better than this.

This is meant to be fun. Keeping it a fanzine forces myself to keep it PG. I have been making mature comics for ten plus years, I want to make a comic I can show off to more people.

I have... 50 pages drawn and 10 pages inked... but coloring slows me down a lot. I can do it, but my wrist hurts a lot from the color work so I got to move slowly. I am in the process of working with another artist to maybe color some pages.
Author Note