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He's so damned suave!
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Sexual Situations Occasional Strong Language
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That Suave Guy is the ongoing account of the remarkable adventures of a man addicted to style -- and coffee. An island of civilization and intelligence amidst a chaotic crew of deranged misfits, That Suave Guy must negotiate the slings and arrows of capricious, malicious fate in pursuit of all he holds dear. But hold on, readers: it's hard to maintain your cool, suave, sophisticated exterior in a strange, surreal world full of decaying stereotypes and bizarre hallucinations.


Team Flinthart
Actually, there's two of us -- Father and daughter. We created this horror between us some years ago for fun. Now, purely because we were enjoying ourselves, it's back.

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"Stop in the name of love!" is a total LOL!
Oh my god this is great stuff. Love the classic pulp look with the coloring and inking. Writing is great too!
I am trying to wrap my head around panel six.
No luck. But, thanks for bring it to my attention
LOL @ "I will save tour hat!"
Gawd! This is hilarious!