The Dream Argument
Life is but a dream.
Last update: 13th Nov 2014, 8:32 PM
Graphic Violence / Gore Frequent Strong Language
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No one likes to believe they're boring... or normal; least of all William Walker. But when an acquaintance vanishes and suddenly reappears with strange powers and dangerous intentions, Will and his friends find themselves questioning everything they thought was real. Can they accept this new reality?


Long time art hobbyist finally looking to expand my talents and start making art on a professional level. A mixture of artist, gamer and roller derby bad-ass!

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I know, I'll miss it too! <3 It's a great place. :>
We will miss you here on comicfury. :(

The comic has MOVED to a shiny new site that can be found here:

It's still in progress so I am still hoping to add a few things, but the comic is up for your viewing pleasure and soon the new chapter will start rolling in as well.

I thank you SO much for your patience and I really hope the new site will be awesome for everyone!

I'll see you there (check out the forums!)


- Dani
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